One of the technology services was finding it difficult

The Problem

One of the technology services was finding it difficult to handle demand spikes with short timelines, though they had dedicated internal recruitment team the spikes to demand used to impact timely fulfillment of resource requirements there by impacting the business.

The Solution

The Challenge

Challenge was to address the sudden demand spikes without impacting the business and also taking care of the costs aspects and not to increase the vendor hire which would mean more cost per hire.

We Made

We have provided our profiles sourcing on demand service to address this and helped the internal team build more candidate pipeline and increase the recruitment velocity.
Our virtual team worked closely with in house recruitment team by aligning themselves to the outcome objectives and enabled a seamless recruitment process experience

Cost Savings

Cost Savings Delivered

New customers

Increase in candidate Pipeline


Reduction in Opportunity Loss

Resoursmart is a highly recommended service for organizations that have dynamic recruiting needs , be it a start up or large corporation.

A mid sized IT Services Organization