Job Postings

Our Job Postings Service is designed to help small and medium organizations to reach out to the best talent in the premium job portals and professional networking platforms with aim to attracting them for fulfilling the talent needs of the organization while ensuring the costs are affordable and the ROI is optimized.

Premium Platforms Only

Advertize and attract profiles from premium job portals and professional networking sites only to ensure the best candidates are matched with your openings.

Unlimited Number of Profiles

Absolutely no limit on the number of profiles based on the job description, key words and other criteria mentioned for the jobs posted during the job posting duration. This also helps you to build future and potential candidate pipeline.

Attach Questioner and Filters

You can attach questioner and filters for prospective candidates to fill in when they apply for job posting, making it is to sort, organize and take a next step in hiring decision.

Brand Building

Helps build your brand in the target segment among the prospective candidates.