Recruitment Events

This service is designed for organizations that need to address sudden spurt in demand which need to be filled in a short span of time but do not have the internal logistical scale to support this need. We work with the organizations to design a event that is customized keeping in mind the specific demands of the organization’s hiring needs and process. Our range of services under this includes Walk in Events, Coding Challenges, Hackathons etc.

Quick Ramp Up

Achieve your demanding recruiting targets Using walk in drives quickly. You get to access large pool of candidates at convinience of your office where managing logistics and candidate experience is much more easy.

Stop Revenue Loss

In the knowledge industry, lack of resource means less revenue to the organization. Address this by conducting recruiting events and walk in to attract the best talent.

Reduced Cycletime

Walk in events enable you to close the hiring decesions fast than the traditional model as it enables you with the candiadte interaction with all stakeholders at one place at the same time.